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Team Infinity Foundation: 25 Year Story

Infinity Foundation
Narrated by Biswajit Malakar(English)
47 min (English), 109 min (Hindi)

This documentary feature revisits the journey of Infinity Foundation for the past 25 years. It narrates how the foundation went through 3 distinct phases where the first was purely as a philanthropist organization giving grants towards both social as well as academic causes in the US. It then recounts how the philanthropy in academic causes, namely, grants towards the authentic study of the Indian civilization to scholars in US universities became too stifling when the outputs were not freely shared with the organization. It talks about how the eurocentric lens applied to studying the Indian civilization was causing great damage to the discourse around it and how Rajiv Malhotra then took it upon himself to get into the field of study and how this led to the production of 6 path breaking bestseller books besides scores of widely read articles on Hinduism. The documentary then traces how in the next phase, Infinity Foundation decided to institutionalize locally in India and the projects done thereafter.

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